Path to Awaken

Here is a small beginning . . .

Stay in alignment between the earth and sky . . . Your feet are in touch with Mother Earth. Plant them as if you are a tree. Breathe deeply pulling energy from the Earth while you raise your arms like branches to Father Sky. Earth and Sky, Dark and Light. Yin and Yang. Feminine and Masculine. You are a balance. Now breathe deeply again becoming more aware of your body. On the next breath put your attention in your heart and feel the energy from Earth and Sky meet there. Gently remind yourself that you are a transformer of light and dark energy through the heart and be willing to bring that energy into the world as love for yourself and for all whom you come in contact with. Now we are aligned with spirit in the body. When you breathe throughout the day, you can bring yourself back to re-membering yourself all day long.

Some daily, hourly, minute-by-minute steps that I use that might be helpful are:
1. Practicing gratitude, which brings joy,
2. Remembering who we are in our role on Earth and that the Divine Source is within and Everywhere,
3. Staying present throughout the day with our connection, consciousness, words and thoughts.