Hailee and Kelli Kaliban. Photo by Augie Chang.

Hello there Mary Alice-

Wasn’t that fun?! Wow, what a wonderful ceremony! Kelli and I can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day so magical. Time and time again, people told us that our wedding was the “best” one they had ever attended because of the words we chose and our intention. Thank you for your help in that!

I’m so glad you felt a part of the crew–you are! Our families and friends are great about making people feel welcome.
I look forward to staying in touch and yes, we both feel like “married” ladies.

Mary Alice,

Marisa and I would both like to express how grateful we are for your contribution to our wedding ceremony and to our experience in preparing ourselves for that day. Amidst all of the worrying, the deliberating and general chaos of planning for a large wedding, you were a calm and steady force that helped us focus on what was really important: our love for each other, and for all the people who were willing to share it with us.

Creating a unique and personalized ceremony was very important to us, as was involving our guests in the rituals we chose to express our love for each other. You provided us with so many options, so many ways of saying “I love you” that we were able to craft something that was truly individual, special and memorable. And the best part was that you incorporated our friends and family into the ceremony, which allowed them to be more than just observers, but actual participants in joining our lives together.

Thank you so much for your guidance and sincerity. Our marriage continues to be strong and beautiful, and we credit you with providing the tools to nurture our love for each other in the months leading up to the wedding, and to open ourselves up to enjoying the richness of being surrounded by everyone we know and love all come together from around the globe to watch us say “I do.”

Peter and Marisa James, Santa Monica

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the beautiful service you performed for Scott and I on Saturday. Some or our guests commented on how much they appreciated your genuineness, it came through over and again. Our photographer told me this was one of the most heartfelt ceremonies he’d ever witnessed. Both Scott and I felt the hand of your caring spirit as you guided us through the ceremony, and that was evident to our guests and vendors. Thank you.

After dinner, Scott and I stayed up and talked about what the day meant to us. Having our core family present to witness our vows was so important to us. Then we decided to watch the taping of the ceremony and we got a sense of what the live ceremony was like for our families. We were amazed at how comfortable you made everyone feel. Watching the event from beginning to end brought us to tears – again.

Thank you, Mary Alice. You can’t know how much your officiating meant to us.
Mark Guzman and Scott Coatsworth

Dear Mary Alice,
Thank you so much for helping to make our special day so beautiful. Your words to us were very touching, and we feel so much more secure knowing that you have blessed our union. We are so thankful to have met you, and hope you will remain in our lives. The ceremony was SO heart-felt and full of love. We hope to look back on that moment many times over the years. Thank you again for everything!

Andrea and Torsten Unsworth

Deep heartfelt thanks for the work and service you provided at our wedding.

What a unique and memorable experience that perfectly blends our cultures, our religions and personalities.

Please know that we value the central role you played in making our wedding a day we will cherish our entire lives.

Very Warmly, Adam Marcus and Theresa Chinte

We knew the minute we met Mary Alice that she was the person that we wanted to officiate our wedding. There was an instant connection between us and she made us feel very comfortable. Through our first few sessions prior to the wedding, we found her to be even more sincere and heart felt then we could’ve imagined. She gave us all of the tools we needed to write our own wedding ceremony and she delivered it with a great deal of love for us and our families. We could not imagine our wedding without her.”

Ray and Becca Hathorn

In my quest to plan the perfect wedding for my daughter, Katie, I believed that selecting an officiant who connected with Katie and her fiance was vital — given they were from different countries and had different expectations. When Katie and I met you, Mary Alice, we knew within the first FIVE MINUTES that you would be the perfect minister to officiate the marriage of Katie and Fausto. What we did not expect is what a wonderful job you would do bringing together two cultures — Italian and American. Because you took the time and made the effort to get to know Katie and Fausto, their wedding ceremony was one of the loveliest I have ever witnessed. Although it has been four months since their wedding day, I still hear from friends and family who attended what a lovely job you did! Thank you.

My husband and I knew we found the right person to officiate our wedding when we met Mary Alice for the first time. She exuded a lot of warmth and sincerity, she really took the time to get to know each of us, and she had a variety of ceremony templates on hand to help us with this incredibly daunting task of creating our ceremony. Above all, she really got it emotionally, how momentous and significant this was for us, and helped us to put words and structure to something we felt strongly and could envision but not quite clearly articulate. Mary Alice is truly gifted in what she does, and we could not recommend her services more.

Sunshine Wu Fisher and Brian Fisher

Mary Alice worked with us to create our unique ceremony that was exactly what we wanted. We were able to tie in traditions from both of our families and keep everyone (including ourselves) happy. Mary Alice really took the time to get to know us and we felt like we were being married by someone who really believed in our union.

Thanks sooo much Mary Alice for such a beautiful ceremony!

Monica Doshi and Jeremy Becker

Dear Mary Alice,

Thank you for being such a wonderful Priestess at our wedding, we both really appreciate your love and guidance and the beautiful way you connected us all!

All our love,
Gary and Nirinjan Yee

It was truly a blessing that you were the one to marry us. Your help and guidance in planning our day was invaluable. You took the time get to know us and our beliefs, which helped us to create the perfect ceremony. I loved how you were able to calm and ground us before we started. All of our family came to our wedding, which was very healing.
Thank you Mary Alice!
Deb and Suzanne

AbbyDeaconNuptials2010 009

Here’s a picture of us from our big day… =)

Thank you again for making it so memorable!

Love, Abbey & Deacon

Rob, Andrew, MA
sending you this wedding pic…thanks so much. it really seems so surreal now; but still so wonderful! i had it enlarged and mounted…and it is in on our wall in the living room meaning…you are a part of curent-delre household; and still ministering!
best thoughts…rob and andrew