Congratulations to you! The heart of the wedding celebration is your ceremony. It is not the longest part or the only part, and you have gathered friends and family together to have fun and cheer for love, yours in particular. You know you want beauty and harmony, and what does that look like? You can have both whether your ceremony is in a backyard, a park or a fine hotel.

In the midst of the magic of your love and your wedding, you might be nervous and unsure about your wedding ceremony. You want something special, and yet you don’t know what—and you may be concerned about taking vows in public. When you decide to work with me on your ceremony, you will take part in a wedding ceremony that is truly an expression of your own love and commitment expressed in a way that is comfortable to you, honors your family traditions and includes seriousness and humor. I will guide you to choose from already carefully crafted ceremonies or to create your own unique ritual and work with you to BREATHE through your ceremony. I have a thousands of beautiful words, readings and rituals for you to choose from to create fits your wedding. And we can add special rituals that you bring or that we design together. I am an officiant and an interfaith minister and honor all religious traditions and spiritual paths—and require none.

My experience includes weddings of every kind, many mixed faith or mixed culture weddings Whether you wish to:

  • Select a traditional or a contemporary ceremony
  • Have a deeply spiritual ceremony
  • Avoid any mention anything religious
  • Pray during the ceremony and read from the Bible
  • Bless you with traditional Hindu blessings
  • Perform church-like veil, cord and coin ceremonies
  • Use a chuppah, a ketubah, breaking the glass, the Seven Blessings
  • Do rituals for each color of the gay flag
  • Choose a pagan ceremony with handfasting
  • Design a ceremony using our resource material
  • Create your own ceremony entirely
  • Write your own vows using a process designed to reach the heart or use vows already written

. . . we can work it out! Every couple is unique. It is important for all present to feel included in the loving feelings that you share. As your guide I will work with you to bring those loving feelings into the ceremony.

walter and ericThe first step is to email or call and we will go from there. I offer you a complimentary one-hour session to determine your desires. This is all about you, your lives, your families and friends, your desires, your words and what rings true for you. We incorporate your ideas and some of your favorite things into a ceremony that resonates for you. So give me a call and let me know when the big day is. I look forward to working with you.

May your life be as delicious as your love.

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you, not knowing
How blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.

— Jalaluddin Rumi, 13th Century