Recommitment Ceremonies

If your relationship has sustained you for many moons and you would like to honor and celebrate your journey together, a recommitment ceremony can be in order. We are grateful for the ties of love that bind us together, giving meaning, worth and joy to all our days. A union that has been tested through the refining process of love can be refueled by a ceremony like this. Some couples have private ceremonies and some invite their families and all those they love to be part of the celebration. Some couples use the as a clearing of the old to begin the next 10 or the next 25 years together from a fresh place.

One way or another you celebrate your partnership of ever-deepening friendship and love. You may also celebrate the evolution of your relationship in the forms of your children. I will be happy to work with you to:

• Renew your vows in a ceremony “just like I always wanted.”
• Design a ritual to celebrate a new stage in or focus to your on-going relationship.