Ministry Services

Love is all there is
It makes the world go round
Love and only love
It can’t be denied
— Bob Dylan

I made a commitment to love in all its forms and to having relationships return to love from whatever state they are in, and OpenHeart Weddings and Ceremonies is part of the work that came from that commitment. Our culture has very few public celebrations that center around love, and weddings, memorials, and blessings and christenings embody the love that people share. All are welcome on Earth and feeling the love we deserve is what nurtures us so that we may become ourselves.

We create rituals to mark transitions of love, rites of passage, times of transformation in our lives. The ritual is an external expression of the internal change that is taking place. We design rituals to take you through the transition – from who you were to who you will become. And in the transition who knows what will appear—what unexpected, wonderful change within you that aligns the outer world into line with your intentions.

The most familiar rituals are wedding and commitment ceremonies, baby blessings or christenings and memorial services. We ritualize them because they are deeply significant human experiences and they all honor an important change. You might choose to bless your home when you move into it. I can also work with you to create rituals for many other events including relationship release and baby showers. When these ceremonies reflect you, your love, your heritage, your religion, your spiritual nature though words that have heart and meaning for you, your love is expressed to all present and allows everyone present to connect to their own love. A ritual can be created for any passage in your life.

I provide you with resources of words, readings, rituals, and experience so that we can create a ceremony that is your own. The first step is to make an appointment for a complimentary hour visit with me to get to know me and explore your wishes and what a ceremony can include.