We are as different in our approach to life and as beautiful in our unique expression as these rocks and shells. Communication keeps love alive and sometimes we need some assistance to hear one another at many points during a relationship. Mary Alice offers you space to tell the truth, to listen and to hear your own and/or your partner’s answers. She can make practical suggestions to keep your communication alive.

Partnership is an accelerated path to individual integration. It often challenges us to see ourselves and our partners in new ways. Sometimes the issues that are uncovered when patterns emerge require communicating with a third party present. Love brings up what is not like itself to be healed. Communicating with love and honesty will bring you to new ground.

If you choose to engage in counseling before you marry, Mary Alice offers counseling and dialogue to the couple in four areas: communication, commitment, children and finances. Communication is the bottom line. Partnership challenges us often to see ourselves and our partners in a new way. Mary Alice is a skilled and thoughtful listener.