Community Ministry

My mission is to have each person realize that we are God/Source and that every cell of our bodies is full of that life force. Once we begin to see ourselves as whole, we can expand that to include that we are all connected to one another and through that tie to one another to all life.

My mission is also to move others toward a greater experience of their connections to each other and to all life—so that we all grasp it together, feel it as love together, sing it together, dance it together. This movement from our minds into our connection requires the heart—we need to move emotionally. I empower individuals to see their own light and beauty and take that into the world to shine on others so that they too may see their light and beauty. This is a transformation through light. This is truly one step to seeing that we are equal and that we are brothers and sisters. This is truly how we are one.

If I ruled the world, all hearts would unite and bless the Earth. I see our communities as a congregation without the same traditional religious dogmas, yet part of the one human family, where each person is honored as both unique and part of the whole. I am happy to care for whomever asks for help in whatever way they need that help.

I consider the world we walk in, the places where our footsteps fall as holy ground. Indeed we are all standing on holy ground now. And walking around the holy ground of grocery stores, farmer’s markets, offices, offices, restaurants and other places we come into contact with other members of our community some of whom may be joyful, playful or suffering, out of sorts and challenged. Sometimes that person is me. I have life-changing experiences in this community every day. Sometimes I am the person who is listening for pain and just as often I am the person who is speaking her own.

Workers celebrate the new crop
Sometimes a community needs to celebrate and sometimes we need to grieve, and everything in between. Ritual gives us a way to express our feelings. Sometimes great disaster causes us to become aware of our community – like the BP Oil Spill causes us to become more aware of the earth, our use of fossil fuels and the lengths we will go to get them instead on insisting that we develop new forms of energy. Smaller scale changes—a fire, a friend dies, someone goes to jail—also bring us together in closer, more emotionally open ways. Every way we connect leads us to self discovery and discovery of the other and ultimately to experiencing our oneness.

May each person birth himself, herself into a new source presence . . .
the second coming so to speak.