Magic 101: Using the Power of Your Word


Magic 101

Using the Power of Your Word

Use Your Voice, Art by Alexandra Henry, Grade 8 Walnut Creek Intermediate
By our words we cast spells on our ourselves and our world. We create our world by the power of our thoughts, our words and our actions, so we may want to wake up to our power. Do you have an intention that you choose to bring into your life now? When you wake up in the morning, what are you thinking? Learn how to frame your day with meaning and gratitude so that you are clearly choosing to be all that you are. Learn to plant and tend the seeds of thought and word so that you are growing to fruition by waking up to your own thoughts.

We will invoke Mercury, the messenger and magician, who brings power to us by manifesting our intentions through the power of our word. And so it is. We will also begin to look at what is required to manifest our intentions in session two.

Session 1: Waking up to our mental chatter and choosing something for ourselves.
Session 2: Continuing to enhance our techniques; problem-solving, manifesting.

We are continually breaking and making spells and sentencing ourselves
by our thoughts and words. We are creating our world. Awareness.

Two group sessions – $100 includes a small workbook.

Where: Walnut Creek and Berkeley California

When: Two Thursday evenings scheduling in March 2016 Dates TBA

Registration: Call Mary Alice at 925-256-9787 or email