I Love My Body, I Love Myself

I Love My Body, I Love Myself 2014


In these times of great change you may sometimes feel you are in earthquake territory or that you have lost your way or that you no longer feel connected to your inner strength, your higher self. You may be looking for new work, a new way, a new path. Yet the path always begins with your consciousness operating here on Earth.

Light brought to our situation, to our lives, our minds and bodies in a compassionate and direct way allows us to see our way forward on the path. As we see ourselves in a new light, the light of true self-esteem based on our true nature, we can make new choices for self-support. The journey out may not be soft and easy.  The experience of “coming to” after a long sleep or unconsciousness state can be both exciting and disconcerting. Embodying our new realizations and paths requires support while we make new ground.

Through using new ideas, practices that we may already know, teaching, conversation, meditation and homeplay we will learn to use the creative power of your word to your own best interest and create the movement you seek in your life.

•   Learn the four levels of experience – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical and how to journey through them without getting snagged by habitual response.
•   Send the critic to bed and forget to set the alarm clock.
•   Find loving intimacy with our true selves and our spiritual nature.
•   Tend to our lives with the regenerating love we are experiencing for ourselves.

Where we are going in this class and the bottom line is to become gaga about ourselves so that we can love and appreciate ourselves exactly as we are. How about a little radical self-acceptance? Energy flows through every cell in your body and lets us sense life in all its forms. What shall we feed that life force in our bodies? We require more than resolutions, more than good water and food, more than a physical workout.

You are not only flesh and blood or thoughts and ideas.
You are pure spirit – the energy in your cells that moves your body,
Awakens your senses and allows you to experience.
Your cells are alive. What will you feed them? How will you care for them?
Our consciousness comes to Earth in this vehicle, this body, and it is the temple.

Take a moment and send an “I love you” through yourself.

Four group sessions – $200 includes workbook. Deposit required to hold your place.

Where: Walnut Creek, California

When: Beginning again September 2015. Dates and times TBA

Registration: Call Mary Alice at 925-256-9787 or email maoministry@gmail.com. Limited to the first six – seven people who register.