Most Common Fetishes That Charlotte Escorts Have

Let’s face it, most people nurse hidden fetishes and barely share what turns them on. In simplicity, a fetish is an intense focus on a body part, inanimate object, or a medium that’s crucial to an individual’s arousal. In other words, it is what turns you on. A fetish is harmless and plays a supporting role in your sexual experience. There are countless fetishes out there and here are the most common fetishes that Charlotte’s escorts have.

  1. Foot fetish

A foot fetish is all about worshipping feet through different acts such as smelling, kissing and massage. An escort from Charlotte is highly trained and experienced and will know what turns you on immediately they come close to you. They will let you do everything you want with their feet as they do the same to yours to ensure that both of you are completely turned on.

  1. Anal fetish

The anus is very sensitive and the best place to turn people on. Surprisingly, anal fetish does not involve anal sex only. In fact, you could be engaging in anal fetish unknowingly. This is a common fetish among Charlotte escorts because they understand how important an anus is during the arousal process. During penetrative vaginal sex, she will add a finger in your ass or insert beads or dildo in hers. That way, she will get aroused as she makes you cum and request for more.

  1. Group sex

Group sex entails getting it on with at least three people and may mean more than a threesome. For instance, an orgy is having sex with people of different genders while gangbang is when one person is having sex with more than two people of another gender. It is common to find two female escorts from working together to satisfy the desires of male clients who are into group sex fetishes. They use sex toys, dirty talks, as well as their fingers and tongues to explore their client’s sensitive parts for maximum satisfaction.

  1. Sensation play

Sensation play involves different activities based on withholding or receiving different stimuli. For example, an escort can engage in a form of sensory deprivation and blindfold the client or drag an ice cube along her skin or that of the client to participate in temperature play. Besides, Charlotte escorts love tickling their clients to ensure that they are turned on and ready for penetration. Besides, these escorts understand that the best penetration is preceded by outstanding foreplay and are willing to go above and beyond to turn you on, and in that process, they too get turned on ready for the next move.

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