MAI want to welcome all of you to this website. In our culture we have few public celebrations of Love and here you will find some of them.

Whether we are celebrating love during changes in our lives—marriage, commitment, re-commitment, welcoming a new child, or whatever change you want to commemorate. I rejoice with you the love that you have found on this beautiful earth. Whether you are celebrating finding your life partner, or celebrating a new birth or a life well-lived, it is all based on love. Committing oneself to another is love in action.

Love grows as you open yourself to sharing a life and expressing your feelings with another. Your love provides a depth and beauty to your daily lives in whatever form it is given. Everyone who attends the ritual you are making is moved by it because it is an expression of love. Love expands as much as you can allow yourself to receive it into your life, and the expression of it brings hope and joy to all of us.

I am here to guide you to create rituals that have heart and meaning for you, rituals that speak your truth with words and actions and music that are part of your life. We work together and something emerges that is yours to share with your families and friends at important life passages. May every blessing and grace be yours. Looking forward to meeting you soon.